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Professional Leadership-The Change Masters
Professional Leadership-The Change Masters
Professional Leadership (Purchase the remaining 9 courses.) The Change Masters: How to Lead and Succeed in a Volatile Global Marketplace

The Change Masters
How to Lead and Succeed in a Volatile Global Marketplace

Welcome to The Change Masters program, designed to prepare you for any business or personal challenge you may face today and tomorrow. This program is a wake-up call to individual and team leadership. Each of us must be willing to stand out while fitting into our organizations and society. We must be team leaders, not just team members. We can no longer say: “Why don’t they do something?” We must say, instead: “Here’s what I am doing to solve the problem, by thinking globally and acting locally.”

We live in a fast forward world with more changes in a one of our days than in a decade or more of our grandparents’ lives. You and your neighbors are at the center of what is being transformed into the greatest economic and geopolitical power base for the foreseeable future. This metamorphosis is one of the most awesome examples of human ingenuity and perseverance in recorded history. You have both the opportunity and responsibility to create a harvest of abundance and fulfillment for your families and generations to follow. It is up to you.

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Financial Security-The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires
Financial Security-The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires
Financial Security-(Get the remaining 11 secrets) Since eighty percent of the multi-millionaires in America today are self-made, why not you?

Financial Security
The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires (12 Lessons)

Most Americans don’t understand what it takes to become financially independent, or even self-sufficient, yet alone wealthy. And it shows. Only about 7 percent of the American households have a net worth of a million dollars or more. The average American has a net worth of less than $45,000, not including home equity.  More than half of Americans living today would be destitute without their social security retirement checks.

Yet there is more personal wealth in the world than at any previous time in history, and the wealth creating opportunities in the 21st Century are staggering. In America, there are nearly 80 trillion dollars in personal wealth and more than half of that incredible amount is owned by women. And, if you think that most have inherited their wealth from the estates of their families, think again. Only 20 percent of today’s millionaires are from second-generation wealth. The bottom line is that 80 percent of all wealthy people in America are self-made in their own lifetimes. That’s what this program is all about. To ensure that you are in that top 3 to 5 percent.

We’ve identified 12 secrets of self-made multi-millionaires that we’ll share with you. They’ll seem obvious to you as you listen to them, but we call them secrets because so few people understand them and put them into practice in their own lives.


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Family Enrichment-The Seeds of Greatness
Family Enrichment-The Seeds of Greatness
Courses–Family Enrichment Seeds of Greatness: Roots (5 Courses) Courses–Family Enrichment Seeds of Greatness: Wings  (5 Courses) To understand other adults takes intelligence, openness, and experience. To understand our children takes patience, empathy, and effort.

Family Enrichment Roots and Wings

To understand other adults takes intelligence, openness, and experience. To understand our children takes patience, empathy, and effort. To know ourselves takes introspection, honesty, and wisdom, and is one of the key roots in effective parenting.

One of the most important elements of success is positive self-awareness. Positive Self-Awareness is the ability to step back from the canvas of life and take a good look at yourself as you relate to your environmental, physical and mental worlds. It is the ability to accept yourself as a unique, changing, imperfect, and growing individual. It is the ability to recognize your potential as well as your limitations, and prejudices. It is a vital attribute for an effective parent or leader. And the earlier you can nurture this attribute in your children and others who look to you for guidance, the more they will view their glasses as half-full and filling, rather than half-empty and leaking; and the more they will view the world as offering abundance and opportunity, instead of scarcity and apprehension.

Self-awareness is also self-assessment, which is the ability to see your strengths and weaknesses clearly. It is knowing what you have to offer and recognizing that time and effort will be necessary for top achievement. Winners can look in the mirror and see what lies behind their own eyes. You’re a winner when what you think, how you feel, and what you do all fit together.

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Personal Development-Becoming an Authentic MVP
Personal Development-Becoming an Authentic MVP
There are 16 powerful, short audio tracks, included in 9 separate lessons. Listen to each audio message, read the accompanying test summaries, and complete any action ideas suggested in each lesson.

Personal Development Course
Becoming an Authentic MVP: Master the skills, attitudes, and discipline to be the Best in Your Business and Personal Life.

Congratulations on your personal commitment to winning for the rest of your life.  This program represents a special investment of personal time and dedication that will separate you from the average performers.  And the line separating the top five percent – the real achievers – from the rest of society is very fine.  On the PGA tour, only a few strokes per year separate the top-money tournament champions from the rest of the touring professionals.  In the Olympic Games, the only difference between the gold-medal winners and the non-medal winners is a fraction of time, distance, or points.

So it is in the arenas of life.  The consistent, enduring leaders in business, the professions, education and home draw upon special cutting-edge knowledge and skills that make them slightly, but significantly different.  Their advantage is not based on talent, I.Q., or luck, but rather on attitudes and habits that have become an integral part of their daily lives.

This program is designed to show you how to gain this advantage in your own life – to become a true MVP. You are the Most Valuable Person in Your Life.  Your game of life has no time-outs, no substitutions and the clock is always running. There is no instant replay. This is not a pre-season game, nor is it a scrimmage or practice drill. It is the Superbowl, World Series and World Cup Match every day.

There are rules, just as there are laws that govern our society. If you break the rules, there are penalties.  And, yes, there are winners and losers, because there are world class standards against which we can measure our own performance. However, success and winning have a different meaning for each individual in the game. Some base success on how many points they put on the board. Others want to be the best team players possible. Others have their own internal standards that have nothing to do with standing in the winners’ circle. Some are content to help others win

Whether MVP symbolizes “Most Valuable Player,”  “Most Valuable Professional,”  “Most Valuable Producer,” or “Most Valuable Parent,” you are definitely the “Most Valuable Person” in your own life.

Through ongoing inspiration, encouragement, and recognition, this program is dedicated to keep you at the top of your game and in “the zone” every day. There are 16 powerful, short audio tracks, included in 9 separate lessons. Listen to each audio message, read the accompanying test summaries, and complete any action ideas suggested in each lesson.

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The Psychology of Motivation Encyclopedia
The most comprehensive, single source available! Based on the most definitive research from recognized behavioral scientists on virtually every aspect of high-performance human achievement. A few of the subjects include: Internal vs external motivation * Motivating yourself and others * Finding your compelling “why” * Staying motivated * Handling failure and setbacks * Achieving excellence * Positive goal framing * Motivating teams * Overcoming resistance to change * Being responsible for outcomes. And hundreds of other studies and case histories on effective management of change in a world where change is the rule!
Coaching Tips for Champions
Coaching Tips for Champions
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The Neuropsychology of Winning
The Neuropsychology of Winning
Welcome to the neuropsychology of winning the brain train breakthrough program for professional and personal excellence. This 14-track audio presentation available as an mp3 download combines revolutionary neuroscience on rewiring your brain to gain more success health and emotional intelligence. Anchored with timeless wisdom to help make winning a reflex habit just like Olympians, Astronauts, Super Bowl champions, top executives, and entrepreneurs that we've counseled based upon leading-edge research in motivating peak performance. I believe the neuropsychology of winning has an impact even more valuable important and relevant than anything that I've done during the past half-century.