Family Enrichment:  Core Program:  The Seeds of Greatness (Roots and Wings.)  This is an 80+ set of courses, that are supported by videos, audios, and workbook materials focusing on positive parenting and growing healthy, successful children.



To understand other adults takes intelligence, openness, and experience. To understand our children takes patience, empathy, and effort. To know ourselves takes introspection, honesty, and wisdom, and is one of the key roots in effective parenting.

One of the most important elements of success is positive self-awareness. Positive Self-Awareness is the ability to step back from the canvas of life and take a good look at yourself as you relate to your environmental, physical and mental worlds. It is the ability to accept yourself as a unique, changing, imperfect, and growing individual. It is the ability to recognize your potential as well as your limitations, and prejudices. It is a vital attribute for an effective parent or leader. And the earlier you can nurture this attribute in your children and others who look to you for guidance, the more they will view their glasses as half-full and filling, rather than half-empty and leaking; and the more they will view the world as offering abundance and opportunity, instead of scarcity and apprehension.

Self-awareness is also self-assessment, which is the ability to see your strengths and weaknesses clearly. It is knowing what you have to offer and recognizing that time and effort will be necessary for top achievement. Winners can look in the mirror and see what lies behind their own eyes. You’re a winner when what you think, how you feel, and what you do all fit together.


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