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Becoming an Authentic MVP: Master the skills, attitudes, and discipline to be the Best in Your Business and Personal Life.

Lesson 9  –  The Time of Your Life

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Time management contains one great paradox: No one has enough time, and yet everyone while living has all there is. Time is not the problem; the problem is separating the urgent from the important. We worry about things we want to do – but can’t – instead of doing the things we can do – but don’t. Every decision we make has an “opportunity cost.” Every decision forfeits all other opportunities we had before we made it. We can’t be two places at the same time.  Even though we all are aware of the tradeoffs of “quality time vs. quantity time” in our relationships, we are not used to thinking specifically about how our decisions cost us other opportunities. Without this understanding, our decisions will often be unfocused and unrelated to helping us achieve our most important goals. To live a rich, balanced life we need to be more in conscious control of our habits and lifestyles. MVPs in business and personal life  have a regular exercise routine. They pay attention to nutrition, with lean source protein and fiber-based carbohydrates as their basic food choices. They relax through musical, cultural, artistic, and family activities. They get sufficient sleep and rest to meet the next day renewed and invigorated. In addition to blocking periods of time for recreation and vacations, they also schedule large, uninterrupted periods of work on their most important projects.

Contrary to popular notions, most books, works of art, invention, and musical compositions are created during uninterrupted time frames, not by a few lines, strokes, or notes every so often. Every book or audio program I have written has been done with the discipline of twelve to fifteen hours per day during a specific block of time, and during the evening in prime time instead of watching TV or communicating on Facebook.

Freedom from urgency …. that’s what will allow us to live a rich and rewarding life. You may have thought your problem was “time starvation,” when in truth, it was in the way you assigned priorities in your decision-making process. Have you allowed the urgent to crowd out the important? Each day we will continue to encounter deadlines we must meet and “fires,” not necessarily of our own making, we must put out. Endless urgent details will always beg for attention, time and energy. What we seldom realize is that the really important things in our life don’t make such strict demands on us, and therefore we usually assign them a lower priority. The local university doesn’t call us to advance our education and improve our life skills. I have never received a call or e-mail from the health club I joined insisting that I show up and work out for thirty minutes each day. My bathroom scale has never insisted that I lose thirty pounds. Nor have I ever been subpoenaed by the ocean or the mountains to appear for relaxation and solitude. Yet I receive hundreds of urgent phone messages and e-mails each week from people with deadlines. You see, it’s the easiest thing in the world to neglect the important and give in to the urgent. One of the greatest skills you can ever develop in your life is not only to tell the two apart, but to be able to assign the correct amount of time to each. Beginning tomorrow, throughout the day, and every day thereafter, stop and ask yourself this question: “Is what I’m doing right now important to my health, well-being and mission in life, and for my loved ones?”  Your affirmative answer will free you forever, from the tyranny of the urgent. And most importantly, your loved ones, especially your children, will place more value on the time you spent with them, than they ever will on the money you spent on them and the valuables you left them in your estate.  Take time to hear a robin’s song each morning. Take time to smell the roses as you go. Before you leave, please say “I love you” to the one’s you know.

Take time out for a sunset and its afterglow. Take time to climb a tree with kids this summer. Explore each country back road you can find. And take a moment now and then, to build a castle in the sand. Take time to hike that mountain when you can. Take time to play, your work can live without you. Give up the urgent for the afternoon. And take a loved one by the hand, and slowly gaze at that full moon. Don’t let this minute pass you, for the years go by too soon. Take time today, to share and give, before it slips away. Take time to live.

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How do you measure success?  For me, success and winning are very personal. They mean something different to each of us.  Some people associate an MVP as one who scores the most points, goals or dollars. Others think an MVP is the best team player, who builds other winners and is the catalyst for peak performance. For me, it’s not what you get that makes you successful, it is what you are continuing to do with what you’ve got. Happiness and fulfillment seem to be associated with the richness of the experience in the journey, not in the fleeting moment of recognition of having arrived. You can’t gain success and then sit back and enjoy it like a giant lollipop that never melts away. This is why some of the superficial, self-help myths leave us empty and hungry for the truth. Success is not a destination; it is a way to travel. A feeling of inner joy and success seems much harder to acquire than a Mercedes, a stallion, or a castle with a wine cellar. To feel successful deep inside, we need to understand why we were created, who we are, and what we really want in life. One wealthy, happy, and successful entrepreneur confided, “I could have made a lot more money in my life, but I preferred to sleep well at night.” This individual found the ideal combination: outer as well as inner success, but only because of the realization that all success must be built from the inside out.

As I have learned through my own wins and losses, the success of others has little to do with my personal success. True success is not measured by what others may say or accomplish. Though we all tend to compare ourselves with others, the happiest people in life know that they don’t really compete against others.

Their success comes from doing their best, based on their passion and inner motivation. Instead of achieving or performing to impress the world or your peers, seek to do something that is beautiful, excellent, and heartwarming. Suppose, for example, you set out to learn to play a certain piece on the piano. You practice hard and long on the difficult concerto, and then you play it. You may play the piece one day for an audience of one or many, but that isn’t why you seek to master it. You do it for the sheer exhilaration of doing your best. You need no one else to measure you or your skill. Your gallery is your private relationship with your Creator and your own self-respect. Real success comes in small portions day by day: a smile, a hug, a sunrise or sunset, beach sand between your toes, a satisfied customer, a child’s happy squeal, the smell of lilacs, a hand extended, a phone call from a friend, a tree, a tasty meal eaten without haste. The list is endless, but our minutes to enjoy and appreciate life’s small successes are not. If there is one thing I want my children and grandchildren to learn from me, it is to take pleasure in life’s daily little treasures. It is one of the most important things I have discovered about winning and measuring success.

In these messages, I have tried to distill the essence of what I have been seeking to communicate for the past four decades, plus timely tips based on benchmarking champions in every field today. Victory is not gained only at someone’s expense. Every victory does not result in a defeat. Being the best is identifying the talent or potential you were born with and using it as fully as possible toward a purpose that makes you feel worthwhile and at the same time benefits others.

Success is not a matter of simply gaining financial wealth.

I believe we all should seek financial security; in fact, it ensures that our golden years can be spent with freedom of choice and dignity. But money is like a plane ticket. It will take you nowhere unless you use it. A ticket does you no good if it is preserved and worshipped for its own sake. Money is also like a library card. Actually, money and knowledge are very much the same. They mean nothing when you simply collect them. They mean everything when you employ them, share them, and put them to work.

I believe there is a way to be happy and contented. I believe we can master the skills, attitudes, and disciplines needed to be the best we can be. I believe there are keys that unlock the door to all our dreams of satisfaction, happiness, and contentment. We can be whole persons who function more completely, effectively, purposefully, and gracefully. And when we can do that, we will understand success and winning the game of life.  The final audio message sums up, pretty much, the essence of this program in a simple rhyme that you can listen to in just a couple of more minutes of your precious time.

(Listen to Mp3, audio message 16, Don’t Wait for the Future)

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When I was very young I dreamed I could do anything, be anything, have everything. I wished upon a star and saw myself go everywhere throughout the world, without a care.

But somehow in between I asked myself: Could it be? Should I see? All this for me? And now at last I know, what kept my sights too low, were simply childhood fears, I learned so long ago.

How do we know that the vision, we see for ourselves is real? How does that face in your mirror, reflect how you truly feel? When do our doubts and our fears disappear? When do we know that the harvest is near?  Who can we turn to? Who do we trust? To lift us up year after year?

So many questions searching for answers. So many voices from youth. So many hours of working and waiting. Then, finally, a moment of truth.

The secret to be the MVP who’s inside you, is really quite simple to find. Give all your attention to the goals here before you. Leave all of your failures behind. Cherish the loved ones around you. Stay true to the friendships you share. Let health and abundance surround you. Dream as big as you possibly dare.

Imagine that all you desire and hold dear, is asking permission from you to appear. This is your moment. This is your year. Don’t wait for the future…. It’s  already here.

Thank you for sharing in this program. We at Waitley Global want you to be all you can be!

Denis Waitley

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