Financial Security
The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires (12 Lessons)

Included with the purchase of the remaining secrets 2-12, is the professionally recorded audiobooks narrated by Denis Waitley. They are The Science of Getting Rich, The Richest Man in Babylon, and Acres of Diamonds.

The Abundance Mentality: Deserving Financial Security
Secret 1

Text Summary:

Most Americans don’t understand what it takes to become financially independent, or even self-sufficient, yet alone wealthy. And it shows. Only about 7 percent of the American households have a net worth of a million dollars or more. The average American has a net worth of less than $45,000, not including home equity.  More than half of Americans living today would be destitute without their social security retirement checks.

Yet there is more personal wealth in the world than at any previous time in history, and the wealth creating opportunities in the 21st Century are staggering. In America, there are nearly 80 trillion dollars in personal wealth and more than half of that incredible amount is owned by women. And, if you think that most have inherited their wealth from the estates of their families, think again. Only 20 percent of today’s millionaires are from second-generation wealth. The bottom line is that 80 percent of all wealthy people in America are self-made in their own lifetimes. That’s what this program is all about. To ensure that you are in that top 3 to 5 percent.

We’ve identified 12 secrets of self-made multi-millionaires that we’ll share with you. They’ll seem obvious to you as you listen to them, but we call them secrets because so few people understand them and put them into practice in their own lives.

Secret One:   You must feel that you deserve to become wealthy, in advance.

As I’ve discovered throughout my career, studying and counseling successful individuals in every walk of life from Superbowl champions and Olympic gold medalists, to “Fortune 500” top executives and self-made entrepreneurs, there never was a winner who didn’t believe that he or she deserved to win in advance. Winners believe in their dreams when dreams are all they have to hang on to.

Ninety percent of all people are afraid they don’t and won’t have enough money in life, and the other 10 percent are concerned about losing what they have. The state of your financial security is truly a reflection by your state of mind and emotional security. It’s been said that if we took all the money in the world and divided it evenly among all the people in the world, each person would have over a million dollars. But, within only ten years we’d all end up with the exact amount of money we have today. Amazing as this sounds the answer lies with the mind-set of each of us.

Most people believe money is to spend, not to save. We call it disposable income and rush to dispose of it on immediate sensual gratification. Most people go for pleasurable activities with no long-term benefits. Winners do whatever it takes for a long-term, pleasurable result. Self-made multi-millionaires treat their disposable income, as discretionary income and always save some for the future. In addition to spending, instead of investing, there is another mindset that prevents the majority of people from becoming rich. They believe there is a certain nobility in poverty, and therefore they justify not having money because it is somehow evil.

Karl Marx, the founder of communism, gives us classic insight into what happened in Russia during the past hundred years. His mother remarked: “Had Karl concentrated on making some money instead of spending his life talking about the evils of money, our people would have had a lot more spending money.” How right she was about capitalism, versus communism. The prevailing mindset is that money is the root of all evil. The truth is money is transportation, a library card and a passport to the future. The love of money, or greed, is one of the roots of evil. Many people have a disdain for money, because they view it as power for the few. Many people dislike money, because to get it, which is a necessity, they have to work doing something they don’t like. Many people are oppressed by money, because they are dependent on its sources.

Many people love money, because it gives them the appearance of superiority, which, of course, is only a mirage, since money can’t purchase respect, the love of a child, or another moment of life. Many people feel guilty about having money, because the liberal media paints the portrait of self-made, business entrepreneurs as selfish, irritating reminders of what each of us could be if we took the effort to reach a fraction of our potential.

What has always puzzled me is that many celebrities talk about the injustices suffered by the oppressed only after they have pocketed millions themselves.  The truth is money is fuel. It’s your mentality and motivation that count.

Wealth provides freedom and independence; it releases you from the petty problems and tyranny of the small stuff in life, like car problems, orthodontics, home repairs and so forth. Wealth, when earned, builds the character of personal achievement. It is concrete evidence of accomplishment which builds self-respect. Wealth helps you live your life without as much fear of catastrophic loss. You can risk pursuing your dreams more. Wealth gives you more control over your daily life. You can go where and when you want, and pay your bills as you go.

Wealth enables you to support causes you believe in, in a material way, and can be distributed to others who need and deserve your help.

Wealth can be used as a family foundation to teach children how to delay personal gratification, in favor of leaving a legacy. Wealth can help you be a stronger influence and power for good in the world. Money isn’t just for toys. It’s for building factories, communication networks, private institutions, research centers, hospitals, laboratories, and youth centers. It also helps feed hungry masses in under-developed neighborhoods and nations. And financial independence gives you dignity and security in your senior years.

Most people live the so-called golden years in near-poverty, depending on state and federal agencies, or their relatives, for their survival needs. Retirement, for most people, means being cast aside and no longer relevant.

The problem is, because of medical intervention, we are living a lot longer than we can afford to, and the quality doesn’t usually match the quantity. Make it your goal to live as long as you can with both the health and wealth abundance mentality. Do you deserve to enjoy wealth. You bet you do. You owe it to yourself and loved ones.

I didn’t learn until I was in my early forties, that I didn’t have to live with my own boyhood PMS, which in my case stood for Poverty Mentality Syndrome. My dad’s biggest monthly paycheck was $200 and I and my whole family believed we were destined for mediocrity in a low income neighborhood until I broke away.

Make this program your moment of truth. Embrace secret one. You must feel you deserve to be wealthy, in advance.

Self Test :  Do you find yourself more on the Scarcity or Wealth Mentality side of the comparison below?  Write in your journal or wherever you store your goals, some actions you can take tomorrow and in the near future to move more toward the Wealth Mentality Mindset.

Scarcity Mentality (Consumers) Wealth Mentality(Investors) 
Wealth is all material Wealth is a state of mind 
Money is the root of all evil  Greed is the real evil
I am my environment  I create my environment
Poverty is a virtue  Poverty is a prison
I’ll always be poor  I am temporarily broke
Wealth is quantity  Wealth is quality
Have high credit card debt  Use credit cards for business; pay balance each month
Use credit cards for vacations and luxuries  Pay cash for vacations and luxuries
Pay interest on depreciating assets  Pay interest on appreciating assets; Receive interest on investments
Refinance home to pay credit card debt  Refinance only for investment
Finance cars  Pay cash for depreciated luxury cars
 Think only of monthly payments  Think of investment value     
Spend extra money on tension  Spend extra money more on goal
Relieving entertainment  Achieving activities
Hope to win the lotto  Plan to be financially independent

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Financial Security
The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires  (12 Lessons)

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