Denis Waitley has changed the lives of literally millions of people.

Denis Waitley: the Master at “Winning for Life”

A pioneer in high-performance human achievement, he has counseled winners in every field from Fortune 500 top executives and entrepreneurs to Super Bowl and Olympic champions; from Apollo astronauts to government leaders and universities. His audio series, “The Psychology of Winning,” is the most-listened-to program in the world on self-mastery.

In both your career and personal arenas, our mission is to help you perform at the highest level, among the few, who are consistently “Winning for Life!”

Online Individual Self-Study Success Courses

The Change Masters

The future has arrived! This program is a wake-up call for individual and team leadership. High performance teamwork in a fast-forward world.

The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires

The simple, yet profound, reasons why so few people become financially independent. Attitudes and actions of the wealthiest Americans.

The Seeds of Greatness: Roots and Wings

 The owner’s manual that should have been delivered with each child! A positive parenting guide concerning children of all ages and family situations.

Becoming an Authentic MVP

Learn what separates champions from the rest of the pack. The keys to being a “most valuable performer” in every arena in your life.

The Psychology of Motivation Encyclopedia

The most comprehensive, single source available! Based on the most definitive research from recognized behavioral scientists on virtually every aspect of high-performance human achievement.

A few of the subjects include:

Internal vs external motivation
Motivating yourself and others
Finding your compelling “why”
Staying motivated
Handling failure and setback
Achieving excellence 
Positive goal framing
Being responsible for outcomes
Overcoming resistance to change
Motivating teams    

And hundreds of other studies and case histories on effective management of change in a world where change is the rule!

Coaching Tips for Champions

Treasure chest of timely and timeless topics designed for quick reads. Ideal for daily, weekly or monthly individual and team re-energizing!

Multiple articles and blogs for each of the following topics:

Attitude, Belief, Change, Children, Discipline, Dreams, Empowerment, Excellence, Failure, Family, Goals, Habits, Imagination, Integrity, Leadership, Love, Money, Motivation, Perseverance, Responsibility, Self-Esteem, and Time-Management

Do You Want to Win at Life?

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