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Secret 12

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And, the twelfth and final secret!  It really is all the secrets wrapped up into one. Life is not a treasure hunt. Life, itself, is the treasure.
Throughout the global society, especially in the West and increasingly among the developing nations—on television, in the movies, in sports, and in business – the message seems to be that life is made up of winners and losers. If you’re not number one or in the top one percent, you’ve failed. There doesn’t seem to be any real reward for simply doing one’s best and enjoying it.

But you can spend years reaching one moment of triumph. If you are unhappy through those thousands of minutes leading up to a victory, what good are those few moments of triumph? Life is made up of small pleasures and tiny successes. Family reunions. Intimate moments with a loved one. A baby’s first steps. A job well done. Helping a friend or a stranger in need. Flying a kite in a good wind. A walk in the country, by a lake, or near the ocean. And even laughing at something stupid you did.

One is my favorite short verses about life is very simple: There isn’t more to life, than this: a baby’s smile, a loved one’s kiss, a book, a tree, a song, a friend, ….. and just a little time to spend.

Around Memorial Day in 1979, I was booked on a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. I was on my way to a speaking engagement before going home for the weekend. I had to run for the plane, and became very upset when I saw the gate agent lock the door and then saw the mobile ramp pull away from the plane.

I argued and begged, and told her I had to be on that nonstop DC-10, Flight 191 to L.A., or I would miss my speech and lose a great deal of money. The plane taxied away from the ramp and out toward the runway despite my protests. I stormed out of the boarding area and back to the ticket counter to register my complaint.

Standing in line at the counter, about twenty minutes later, I heard the news that the plane had crashed on takeoff, with no survivors. An engine had broken loose and fallen back onto the runway. The hydraulic lines and control cables had been severed and there was nothing the pilots could do to control the aircraft.

It has been decades since then, but I still have my unused ticket for Flight 191. I never turned it in to my travel agent for a refund. Instead, I tacked it on a bulletin board in my office as a silent reminder.  When fear, discouragement, anger and frustration beg me for attention, I look at my still-unused ticket on Flight 191, and remember never to sweat the small stuff again. Every day is Christmas for me. Just being alive is a fabulous gift!

If the condition of being happy cannot be experienced in the present moment, it will probably never be experienced at all. You cannot defer happiness pending some future occurrence, because the future is always uncertain. Some new challenge will always come along just as you find a solution to the previous one.

Life is really a succession of problems and goals, both large and small, but genuine achievers are able to see these apparent obstacles for what they really are: endless opportunities for continued motivation and growth. True wealth is probably best defined as your own collection of memories and the goodwill of others, without necessarily receiving national media attention for it.

The great humorist and writer, Oscar Wilde, once defined a cynic as “someone who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Value is something quite different from price. The toys and trappings of affluence tell nothing about how important a person truly is.

The true value of a person is measured by other criteria, such as integrity, generosity, graciousness and lasting contribution to the general good. It’s interesting to note that the largest gifts ever made to sponsor New York’s Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera, and many of our finest universities and medical schools have come from anonymous donors.

Sharing the harvest of your labors in your lifetime and experiencing the inner delight in knowing that you are planting the seeds of greatness in others is the real secret of wealth.  Wealth is being able to give the best of everything you’ve accomplished, anonymously, and experience the faster heartbeat and inner applause that comes from living a life worth spending your time building, growing, sharing, enjoying….loving.

Self-Test: As a final exercise, we suggest you write in your journal a few of the riches that you carry around with you every day and night, as your BAG:

B is for Blessings. What has been bestowed upon you that you may take for granted?  Health? Love? Family? Friends? Freedom?

A is for Achievements. What are the milestones, accomplishments, honors, awards, adversities that have been overcome? What are you most proud of?

G is for Goals. What are your short-term and long-term goals? What are the underlying passions that give you purpose behind the purpose?  What you want to do that you love, and with whom would you love to share every step of the climb? 

Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoyed and benefited from the experience.

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Financial Security
The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires  (12 Lessons)

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