Denis Waitley has changed the lives of literally millions of people.

Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley has inspired, informed, challenged and entertained audiences for over 25 years from the boardrooms of multi-national corporations to the locker rooms of world-class athletes and in the meeting rooms of thousands of conventioneers throughout the world. Recently, he was voted business speaker of the year by the Sales and Marketing Executives’ Association and by Toastmasters’ International and inducted into the International Speakers’ Hall of Fame.

With over 10 million audio programs sold in 14 languages, Denis Waitley is one of the most listened-to voices on personal and career success. He is the author of 16 non-fiction books, including several international best sellers, “Seeds of Greatness,” “Being the Best,” “The Winner’s Edge,” “The Joy of Working,” and “Empires of the Mind.”

His audio album, “The Psychology of Winning” is the all-time best selling program on self-mastery.

Denis Waitley has studied and counseled winners in every field from Apollo astronauts to Super Bowl champions, from sales achievers to government leaders and youth groups. During the 1980’s, he served as Chairman of Psychology on the U. S. Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Council, responsible for performance enhancement of all U. S. Olympic athletes.

Denis Waitley is a founding director of the National Council on Self-Esteem and the President’s Council on Vocational Education, and recently received the “Youth Flame Award” from the National Council on Youth Leadership for his outstanding contribution to high school youth leadership.

As president of the International Society for Advanced Education, inspired by Dr. Jonas Salk, he counseled returning POWs from Viet Nam and conducted simulation and stress management seminars for Apollo astronauts.uman behavior.

Deborah Waitley Ph.D.

Deborah Waitley, Ph.D., is a successful consultant to Fortune 500 and multinational corporations, in the areas of leadership effectiveness, organizational excellence, performance coaching, and innovation/change management. She has worked closely with her father, Denis Waitley, to advance the high-performance human behavior programs through the Waitley Institute in the U.S. and the Waitley Institute for Leadership Learning (WILL) in China.

As President of the Waitley Global Enterprise, Deborah is committed to ensuring individuals, teams and organizations can access and develop the necessary tools, skills and innovative mindsets to thrive – toward short-term productivity boosts and long-term performance results and sustainability. With a strong background in psychology and organizational behavior, Deborah serves as an empowering catalyst for change, navigating through the challenges of the cultural “DNA.”

Her areas of expertise include:

• Leadership Innovation
• Performance Coaching
• Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development
• Employee Engagement and Empowerment




“Denis Waitley’s motivation is more than money. His mission is to tell people they have more control over their destiny than they believe.”


“Waitley has a quieter, softer style than other merchants of inspiration. He preaches the importance of basic virtues in business – integrity, self-esteem, and responsibility.”


“Vince Lombardi power in a Bob Newhart personality!”


“Soft-spoken and low-key, but what he has to say is mentally exciting. Waitley has counseled Apollo astronauts, Superbowl athletes and Fortune 500 executives, as well as helped U. S. Olympic champions enhance their performance.”


“Denis Waitley is the man who aims folks in the direction of success. He stares you straight in the eye when you meet and while you speak. The two years he spoke to an NFL football team, they lost only one game and won the Super Bowl twice.”


“Interestingly, an American author, Denis Waitley has the best-selling business book in the Chinese language during the past decade.”


“No arm waving or super sell, yet when Denis Waitley breezed on the stage at many Australian management and sales conferences this year, he stole the show!”


Your talk was 100 percent on target and had a great impact on the audience. The standing ovation you received was a testimony to the message and its outstanding delivery.

Many expressed that this was the best keynote speaker we have had in all the years we have been putting on this session.
Bankers Life & Casualty

Thank you for your extraordinarily professional and inspirational presentation. It undoubtedly was the most successful such meeting we have ever conducted and was due in large part to your presence and contribution.
Merrill Lynch

Motivation has many practitioners and yet, in our experience, few real experts. Your presentation to our annual convention underscored your role at the forefront of the motivational speaker field.
United Van Lines

We knew your presentation would be the hit of our sales meeting and sure enough, it was. We have received nothing but rave reviews and requests for information on where to buy your books and tapes.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield

You were the hit of our annual users’ meeting!

Everyone in attendance was impacted by your message. In fact, we have been asked to contact you about scheduling a seminar for all of our Account Executives.
Northwestern Bell

Your message was exactly what we wanted.
Bell South

Our members are telling us that your keynote speech was the best beginning of an annual meeting in years. The tempo, message and delivery were perfect for our group.
National Association of Convenience Stores

Your material, your delivery, and your personality all added up to making your presentation one of the outstanding ones during our entire convention.
American Concrete Pipe Association

Dr. Waitley’s presentation was excellent by any standard. His delivery effectively employed every quality public speaking tool. His oratory skill combined with his enthusiasm for his personal strategy for more meaningful living, make his address highly motivating and persuasive.
National Association of Accountants

The talk by Dr. Waitley was one of the finest we have ever heard. All of our team gained a great deal from it and I am sure they will apply it in their lives.
Harris Semiconductor

One of the highest ratings ever received by a keynote speaker at our events.

Young Presidents’ Organization


“Denis Waitley’s life has placed him in the position of “the best there is” at getting employees to think and act like owners. It’s this simple: Get everybody you can to read and listen to his teachings.”

Tom Peters, co-author In Search of Excellence

“His material is so fresh, so relevant, so needed, so beautifully expressed, and so vital to the kind of change we all must undergo to succeed in this whitewater world of today.”
Stephen Covey, Ph.D., author The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“Denis Waitley cares about you and wants you to win!”
Ken Blanchard, Ph.D., co-author The One-Minute Manager

“Nothing is more urgent than integrity and wisdom in the borderless world, and no one offers better perspective and action steps for successfully managing change than Denis Waitley.”
Harvey Mackay, author Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“Denis Waitley is among the best in teaching principles of living successfully.”
Robert H. Schuller, best-selling author Founding Pastor, Crystal Cathedral and Hour of Power

“This renaissance man, who has changed so many lives through his lectures and writings, has created a magic mirror that will reflect back, to each individual, the kind of person he or she can become.”
Og Mandino, author The Greatest Salesman in the World

“Denis Waitley shows us, most graphically, the difference between mythical, superficial success and the genuine article.”
Earl Nightingale 20th Century Philosopher

“Denis Waitley tells how to overcome setbacks, how to find self-esteem, and how to apply his practical approach to setting goals. The Waitley Way works!”
W. Clement Stone, Pioneer The Positive Mental Attitude Movement

“Denis Waitley is one of the most inspiring men of our time. And he has the rare ability to motivate every reader and listener.”
Norman Vincent Peale, Minister Emeritus Foundation for Christian Living Author, The Power of Positive Thinking

“Lives there a man – or a woman – who doesn’t cherish the dream of becoming a winner? Denis Waitley has given the world a blueprint for success in achieving that dream.”
Mary Kay Ash, chairman emeritus Mary Kay Cosmetics

“I’ve appeared many times with Dr. Waitley and my advice is to read and listen to everything you can from this man.”
John Wooden, Head Coach emeritus UCLA Basketball Team

“Denis is a mentor for all of us. He has special stuff!”
Pat Riley, President The Miami Heat NBA

“I’ve been a disciple of Denis Waitley and his Psychology of Winning since he addressed our National Championship Team.”
Vince Dooley, former Athletic Director The University of Georgia

“I have always believed that it takes work and perseverance for even the naturally gifted to become winners. Through his research, Denis Waitley confirms this premise and creatively takes us step-by-step to become more consistent, top-level performers in our careers and daily lives.”
Roger Staubach, President The Staubach Company Hall of Fame Quarterback Dallas Cowboys NFL

“I’ve never met a person who couldn’t use a helping hand. For me, Denis Waitley’s hand has always been there through his tapes and, for that, I will be eternally grateful.”
Rocky Bleier, President Rocky Bleier Enterprises Former fullback, Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl Champions

“Denis Waitley’s psychology of winning changed my life. I draw on his strength to help me make decisions affecting American athletes, many of whom achieve world-class status.”
Tom Wilkinson, Colonel, USAF ret. United States Olympic Committee

“From the day I met Denis Waitley, he has been my source of inspiration and I feel honored to have worked with him. In my sad or low moments, I think of him and smile.”
Wilma Rudolph* Triple Gold Medal Olympic Champion Track and Field
*Wilma Rudolph passed away in 1994, leaving a legacy for all who knew her.

Denis Waitley: the Master at “Winning for Life”

A pioneer in high-performance human achievement, he has counseled winners in every field from Fortune 500 top executives and entrepreneurs to Super Bowl and Olympic champions; from Apollo astronauts to government leaders and universities. His audio series, “The Psychology of Winning,” is the most-listened-to program in the world on self-mastery.

In both your career and personal arenas, our mission is to help you perform at the highest level, among the few, who are consistently “Winning for Life!”

Online Individual Self-Study Success Courses

The Change Masters

The future has arrived! This program is a wake-up call for individual and team leadership. High performance teamwork in a fast-forward world.

The 12 Secrets of Self-Made Multi-Millionaires

The simple, yet profound, reasons why so few people become financially independent. Attitudes and actions of the wealthiest Americans.

The Seeds of Greatness: Roots and Wings

 The owner’s manual that should have been delivered with each child! A positive parenting guide concerning children of all ages and family situations.

Becoming an Authentic MVP

Learn what separates champions from the rest of the pack. The keys to being a “most valuable performer” in every arena in your life.

The Psychology of Motivation Encyclopedia

The most comprehensive, single source available! Based on the most definitive research from recognized behavioral scientists on virtually every aspect of high-performance human achievement.

A few of the subjects include:

Internal vs external motivation
Motivating yourself and others
Finding your compelling “why”
Staying motivated
Handling failure and setback
Achieving excellence 
Positive goal framing
Being responsible for outcomes
Overcoming resistance to change
Motivating teams    

And hundreds of other studies and case histories on effective management of change in a world where change is the rule!

Coaching Tips for Champions

Treasure chest of timely and timeless topics designed for quick reads. Ideal for daily, weekly or monthly individual and team re-energizing!

Multiple articles and blogs for each of the following topics:

Attitude, Belief, Change, Children, Discipline, Dreams, Empowerment, Excellence, Failure, Family, Goals, Habits, Imagination, Integrity, Leadership, Love, Money, Motivation, Perseverance, Responsibility, Self-Esteem, and Time-Management

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